Are you an artist and have technical knowledge or are you a freelance and would like to offer an art piece in exchange for a stay in one of our H4C Homes?
Here you’ll find all the trade opportunities at our venues.



H4Cs are open to artistic creativity and for this reason, occasionally we’ll publish announcements that offer a stay in a coliving in exchange for an art piece.

Find out the active calls right now and have fun putting your talent on the line

OPEN CALLS: Art exchange Coliving Calabria
Scambio arte Coliving Calabria


In each H4C you have the possibility for a job exchange that lasts for your entire stay in the coliving.

Find out what the Homes need and if you are exactly what they are looking for!


OPEN CALLS: There aren’t calls

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Do you have a brilliant idea and you would like to utilize the space and the services of the H4Cs to test it out and understand how to turn it into reality?

You have the possibility to candidate yourself for an exchange of ideas. The Homers will evaluate the potential of your project, you’ll have 6 weeks a year inside one of our colivings and we’ll support you through each phase of the project

The Homer, should the idea be a successful one, will participate with you to realize the project.

OPEN CALLS: There aren’t calls

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