Our company has its venues inside the H4Cs. In smart style we all work remotely. Whomever immersed in the company, in front of the sea, some in the city, some near the mountains. We like to unite the pleasure of work with emotional landscapes.

To contact us you may:


Or send a message via whatsapp to 3476062341 and speak directly to Roberta,

the CEO of our project


To drink a coffee in one of the H4Cs, where we’ll be happy to meet you and greet you (always with an appointment).


info@homeforcreativity.com  if you would like to know our services or if you want to open your own H4C coliving

roberta@homeforcreativity.com to discuss the meaning of the term coliving and to learn more about the management of a coliving
francesco@homeforcreativity.com to become a smart worker
gianluca@homeforcreativity.com to get info on the consulting services and on the formation of an accommodation

maria@homeforcreativity.com for community, partnership, trades, collaborations and event planning.

Or fill out the contact form


Square F. De Munno 4, 87046 Montalto Uffugo,

Tel. +39 3476062341

Mail: info@homeforcreativity.com

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