Away from big cities, in the countryside, at the sea, in the mountains, in the heart of the Old Town, you can create a new Home 4 Creativity



  • To give value to your structure and/or to your passions, Every H4C coliving diversifies due to the different interests and skills of who runs it. This becomes a double job opportunity for you.
  • To host remote workers and travelers who live and work with you during their period of stay and enrich you professionally and personally. It will be like traveling by staying home.
  • To support locals in the creation of new business project and becoming their mentor.
  • To organize training activities, company workshops, experiential walks, and everything creative that comes to your mind, diversifying your activity always supported by us.



We work on the identity of the structure and we discover your talent. We offer you training in the structure and a tour HUB to find with you the keys to enter the world of H4C.


We tell about your knowledge and your skills. We provide the necessary services to promote your structure and your unique way to interpret hospitality. We create for you an ideal strategy of communication to access new travelers.


We connect you to our partners to access new marketing services at agreed prices. Access our community or artists and professionals to organize your events with the creative mind of H4C’S network.


You will be provided with a managing software to organize booking, events, supplies and accounting of your H4C. This will allow you to optimize your job and will allow us to monitor the progress of your structure, to give you tips on how to grow your business.

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